Jürgen Dönitz

Subproject 4: CKDNapp mobile application and web service development

Dr. Jürgen Dönitz is since end 2019 Groupleader "Knowledge Management" at the Department of Medical Bioinformatics, University Medical Center Göttingen.

Dr. Jürgen Dönitz is interested in knowledge management in the biology and the biomedical field. This ranges from network analysis over the semantic web to infrastructure conception and software design. His background is in biology. From where he proceeded to the field of bioinformatics. After three years as a software developer at the State and Library of Göttingen, he received his PhD and is now working at the Institute of Medical Bioinformatics at the University Medical Center and the Department of Evolutionary Developmental Genetics at the University of Göttingen.

Jürgen' subproject covers the conceptual design of CKDNapp's user interface according to the requirements of daily clinical routine and the needs of treating physicians. This concept will serve as a template for the development of the CKDNapp website and mobile apps. His subproject also covers the development and implementation of methods for processing and evaluating the data entered into CKDNapp on the user's device in order to predict the disease progression and to provide interactive representations of the results. Furthermore, Jürgen will collect established risk scores and guidelines as well as links to current literature in CKD research and integrate them into CKDNapp.